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Sometimes it seems that almost every amateur wants to write some new software for the amateur community. Here is some of the software that I have found useful since I’ve been licensed.

  • G4HFQ

    • Bob Freeth, G4HFQ announced in 2020 that he was no longer going to continue developing his software as a result of poor health. Bob kindly allowed me to mirror his site, the original of which is now no longer available. Feel free to download whatever you may desire from here but please understand that I am not able to provide any support for it.
    • G4HFQ Radio Programming Software
  • Ham Radio Deluxe

    • I have been asked to remove the free Ham Radio Deluxe v5.24.38 from my site but it can continue to be obtained using their purchase model at hamradiodeluxe.com.
  • WSJT-X

    • Whether you love or hate FT8 and its newest incarnation, FT4, it’s here to stay!
    • WSJT-X Home Page