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G4HFQ Radio Programming Software

In 2020, Bob Freeth, G4HFQ announced that he was going to cease production of his extremely well written programming software due to ongoing health problems. His site is now no longer resolving.

A few years previous to this, I registered FTB7900 and FTB8800 as I owned these radios at the time. His software is a pleasure to use and was very reasonably priced when it was for sale – I believe they were around £10 each, much cheaper than comparable software.

When Bob announced he was to discontinue his site, KN1TT had already offered to mirror it. However, mirrors come and go, so I asked Bob if he would be interested in another mirror of his site to which he agreed.

After reading in the April 2022 edition of RadCom that the site will shortly be discontinued, I remembered that while I mirrored the site last year, I have never added any links to it on this page. So here it is!

G4HFQ Radio Programming Software – www.m0lxq.com/g4hfq


  1. i purchased the software and have lost the key, how do i get it back

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