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On 8th September 2017 Yaesu released firmware updates for a number of its C4FM capable radios. These updates added the DG-ID function and the DP-ID function in the digital C4FM mode and are compatible with those features in the System Fusion II digital repeater DR-2X.

The firmware update notes state "After updating the firmware the clone operation cannot be performed with a transceiver that has not been updated".

The effect of this is that existing radio programming software that uses the clone operation will be unable to either read from or write to the radio. Such is the case with my programs FTB1D, FTB1DJ, FTB2D, FTB100D and FTB3200D.

The work required to accommodate these firmware changes is significant and, at my advancing age, is not something that I am prepared to undertake.

Within a relatively short time new stock of the affected radios will be distributed that already includes the updated firmware and my software (see above) will not work with them.

To minimise mayhem I have decided to withdraw these programs from my Order page as of today 12 September 2017. Update 21 October 2020 - these programs have now also been withdawn from availability.

For those of you who have these radios with firmware previous to that distributed as above the software will still work. If you do update the firmware and find that my software fails then your only alternative is to downgrade to a previous version of the firmware.

Bob, G4HFQ

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