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Mocha, helping me work on a new program.

About me and this website

I am Bob Freeth, a retired radio ham G4HFQ and in my late 70s. Over the past 20 years I have written numerous programs that are of interest to radio hams. Most of the programs are for managing the memories and settings of Yaesu radios. I have ceased trading and look forward to a peaceful retirement!

The Order page is where you will find free registration details for my previously chargeable software.

The Download page is where you will find links for downloading.

Product support is provided by me only for people who have purchased licenses in the past. Email me at the address bob.freeth@g4hfq.co.uk. There is also a FAQ page on my website here. All support emails are deleted once the issue is resolved.

The website g4hfq.co.uk does not collect any personal data, has no databases nor any tracking cookies or web analytics. If you visit any of the links to external websites the situation is beyond my control and may well be different to this site.

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